Until six years ago, she was staunchly anti-marijuana. When she was 5, parents services removed her and her siblings from her home due to her own parents’ drug abuse, according to the bio on her blog.

Her husband, who has smoked marijuana since he was a teen, urged her to try it for her migraines instead of pharmaceuticals. Now she grows it on her patio and says it has made her pain-free and a much better parent.

“I’ve heard from hundreds of moms who use marijuana,” she said. “They’re happy that I’m out there, putting it out there. There are so many moms that are still hiding because they’re ashamed. And you shouldn’t be ashamed.” [ Read More Here ]

I along with the moms featured do not use cannabis to deal with our kids!! I chose cannabis at twenty-four over pharmaceuticals. In return I am 80lbs lighter, not in a constant pain, not up for two days at a time, not walking into walls or worried about becoming dependent. That is the way narcotics/pharmaceuticals work on me. Cannabis gives me the ability to focus on my children instead of myself and my health. Making a good mom an even better healthier mom.

Cannabis has helped mothers where pharmaceuticals failed them. Moms who suffer from chronic pain and illness are able to have normal lives when opioids and narcotics turned them into zombies. wordswag_1521940450929