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The Cannavistmom:The Blog is a new project bringing the lives of everyday moms who choose cannabis to text. I have asked some of my very favorite moms to share their their lives with you. The Blog will feature weekly posts by 3-5 moms who use cannabis medicinally or recreationally along with other awesomeness as we grow. Stay tuned it’s going to be great!

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I’ve only been pregnant once. I had really bad morning sickness for the first trimester. I never even asked for a prescription for the nausea, because I didn’t want to take meds if I didn’t have to. I was already smoking before I got pregnant, so when I found out I was pregnant, I decided to research consumption of marijuana during pregnancy. This was almost fourteen years ago, so I only found a couple of articles in High Times, but they talked about women in Jamaica, and how their children were calmer, happier, and more well-adjusted than the children of America. That was all I needed to know. I smoked out of a bong for the first and second trimesters. Then I quit for the third trimester, as I was on Medicaid, and I knew they would drug test my daughter when she was born. After I had her, I went back to smoking. I breastfed for eighteen months, smoking the whole time. My daughter was happy, she slept well, ate well, and was absolutely perfect. She did well at all checkups, and was wonderfully healthy. Everywhere we went, I was complimented on how sweet and happy she was. She didn’t scream, cry, or ever act fussy. Even now, at thirteen years old, she’s perfect. She has a very good outlook on life, and she’s always trying to help anyone in any way she possibly can. I’m positive I made the right choice in smoking during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Anonymous Cannavistmom

I had morning sickness so bad with my first pregnancy and tried everything. A toke or two before getting out of bed helped tremendously. That’s all it took. My daughter is now 20 and is as healthy as can be.

Melinda M.