The Cannavistmom:The Blog is a new project bringing the lives of everyday moms who choose cannabis to text. I have asked some of my very favorite moms to share their lives with you. The Blog will feature weekly posts by 3-5 moms who use cannabis medicinally or recreationally along with other awesomeness as we grow.

Stay tuned it’s going to be great!

I stopped about half way through with both of my pregnancies. Nothing and I mean nothing helped with my nausea. After smoking, I could eat or drink and actually keep it down. Both my children were full term. Both are extremely smart and hit milestones early. I started smoking about a month after delivery with both. Both were breastfed.


I had morning sickness so bad with my first pregnancy and tried everything. A toke or two before getting out of bed helped tremendously. That’s all it took. My daughter is now 20 and is as healthy as can be.

Melinda M.