The Cannavist Mom

PhotoGrid_1492499495103Hey I’m Kaycee, I am 30 years old, always barefoot, always cursing, happily married to the man of my dreams and the mom of four beautifully amazing children; three whom I had the pleasure of growing in my belly and a stepson whom grew in my heart. I was born and raised in Southern California implanted to Central California as an adult.

 A little background but shocker to most I was anti marijuana until I was 24 years old. Thought it was definitely the devils lettuce (rolls eyes now). I was taken away from my parents for drugs ect. at the age of five along with my two younger sisters and older sister. My sisters and I were lucky enough to be fostered by our grandmothers; my older sister going to our maternal grandmother and me and my two younger sisters going to our paternal. I had a decent childhood. I was able to have a relationship with my parents though remaining in my grandmother’s care until eighteen years old. I grew up thinking cannabis actually deserved to be a scheduled one DRUG. Everything and everyone around me told me cannabis was terrible and definitely a gateway drug to ruining your life. I even threatened to leave my first husband if he did it while married with children (rolls eyes again).

CannavistMom002ReadySmall-1Now here I am THE CANNAVIST MOM. The man I am lucky enough to call husband has been a cannabis user since he was a teen for anxiety and recreationally. He has been a responsible cannabis user. He showed me in the first few weeks that I was completely wrong when it came to the cannabis plant. Five years ago I nixed pharmaceuticals for pain and tried cannabis for the first time and never looked back. Now I choose cannabis for many reasons both medicinally and recreationally and guess what IT HAS MADE ME A BETTER MOM . For that reason I have set out to say that ” Mommy needs a joint should be just as socially acceptable as mommy needs a glass of wine! ”